Thursday, October 27, 2016

Music Video - Simche Friedman, "Bekarov (Yitgadal)"

Israeli Chabad singer Simche Friedman has released a video for his latest single, "Bekarov (Yitgadal)".

Produced by Yoni Eliav and composed by Daniel Zamir (who appears in the video), with additional electronics work by Tal Matmor, Amit Harel, and Ron Tichon  the song is a catchy dance-pop piece that surrounds the famous opening lines of Kaddish with lyrics about taking time out from the world's insanity to connect with Hashem. The video, directed by Aharon Orian, is of the video-shoot-where-everything-goes-wrong genre, with Friedman contending with a malfunctioning microphone, a faulty smoke machine, and various people running through the shot, until he takes time out to calm down by davening.

Based in Lod, Friedman first made waves in late 2014, appearing on the third volume of singer Moshe Laufer's Chabad with Moshe Laufer series and collaborating with Eliav and singer Mendy Jerufi on a "Shluchim Medley" in honor of a Chabad shluchim conference that was going on at the time. In the intervening years, he found success with the Chanukkah ballad "Chasoif" (taken from the compilation album Ha’Meorrerim 2), the single "Kol Dodi" with musician Elor Velner, and other collaborations. Thus, "Bekarov" is technically his first solo single.

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