Monday, January 9, 2017

Video: Gershon Veroba, "Ani Yisrael"

Singer-songwriter Gershon Veroba has released a video for "Ani Yisrael", the title track from his latest album, which released last month. 

The song, a jazzy pop-rocker, was written by Elie Schwab and arranged by Schwab, Veroba, Yitzy Berry, and Eli Klein. The video, filmed by Aharon and David Orian of Olam Media and featuring cameos by Yerachmiel Ziegler and The Jewish Insights' Yossi Zweig, shows Veroba, a native New Yorker, trying to adapt to his new home in Israel.

The album Ani Yisrael is currently available on all digital platforms.

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Rob said...

Very cool! I liked this.

Oh, and you need more posts, nachon, Habibi??