Monday, February 20, 2017

New Israel Monday: Netanel Israel, Golan Azulay, JEW2

Welcome back to the weekly post where we look at new Jewish music from the Holy Land.

First up is Netanel Israel with the video for his new wedding single "Birkat Kohanim", a cover of Itzik Orlev's version of the prayer. This rendition was arranged by Eli Assaraf and composed by Liat Ravner, while Netanel's old pal Sruli Broncher mixed it and edited the video.

Next is singer-songwriter Golan Azulay with a lyric video for the single "Dor Holekh V'Dor Ba" (Generations Come and Go), taken from his recent second album Yaldut Meusheret (Happy Childhood). Based on verses from Koheles, the song has Azulay telling his son that many generations before him have tried and failed to fix the world, and his may not finish the job, but that this is not license to stop trying. The song was arranged, produced, and recorded by Shmulik Daniel at Hook Studio in Tel Aviv.

And finally, we have electro trio JEW2 with their new single "Naavor Gam Et Zeh" (This Too Shall Pass), which advances the idea that if Jews can survive thousands of years of persecution, they can overcome modern conflicts too. The song was written and composed by Aviram Chocron and produced and arranged by Tal Yogev at Hamaklet Studios in Holon.

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