Monday, February 6, 2017

NIMM: Haim Israel, Hanan Ben Ari, and Avigdor Gavish

Time for this week's New Israeli Music Monday, aka "I Guess This Is A Weekly Thing Now, Sure, Why Not, Saves Posting Time Whenever A Bunch Of These Guys Put Out Music At The Beginning Of The Week" (title shortened for length obviously).

We'll start it off with a returnee from last week: Haim Israel, here working with famed frum-pop composer Yossi Green and producers Eli Lishinsky and Yossi Tyberg, has released the ballad "V'az Yihyu".

Next up is a charming clip from rising talent Hanan Ben Ari performing his new song "Toda She'at Ohevet Oti" (Thank You For Loving Me), a soulful R&B love song to his wife, who appears with their child in the video. The lyrics were co-written with Israeli poet Roy Hasan, while production and arrangement was handled by Eyal Mazig, who also sings and plays bass on the track. The video was directed and edited by Yaakov Asaraf of Sulam Yaakov studios.

Finally we have a newer face on the scene with singer-songwriter Avigdor Gavish and his jazzy ode to "Shabbat". In addition to writing and performing the song, Gavish also co-arranged it with Yehu Yaron, who also produced the track, and the two provide the groove with Rhodes piano and bass, respectively. This is Gavish's third and final single leading up to his debut album Yom Chadash (New Day); previous singles were "Galut" and the title track.

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