Sunday, February 5, 2017

Video: Benny Friedman, "Ivri Anochi - I'm A Jew and I'm Proud"

Benny Friedman has released a video for "Ivri Anochi - I'm A Jew and I'm Proud", the third single from his latest album Fill The World With Light (after "Kulam Sharim" and "B'sefer Chaim"). The song, which has a Mediterranean pop feel to it, was composed by Ari Goldwag, who also wrote the lyrics with Miriam Israeli and 8th Day's Shmuel Marcus, produced by Sruly Meyer, and arranged by PlayMasters, Ian Freitor, and Daniel Kapler.

The video, directed and produced by Meir Kalmanson of Meir Kay Productions, may cause PTSD in any New Yorker who's had to fend off well-meaning shluchim wielding tefillin, but otherwise conveys a solid and inspiring message of taking pride in one's Jewish identity.

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