Monday, February 27, 2017

Video: Derech Achim, "Im Eshkachech"

The Israeli scene's a bit too quiet to do a New Israeli Monday this instead here's a video about Israel!

This is Derech Achim, a folk duo from Johannesburg, South Africa comprised of brothers-in-law Reuven Garber and Jared Lazarus. The song, "Im Eshkachech", is the first single from their upcoming debut album Mayim Rabim, and was produced by Jake Odendaal of Maven Productions, while Daron Resnick created the video.

As an introductory single, this works pretty well. "Im Eshkachech" is probably a top candidate for one of the most overdone songs in the Jewish canon, but Derech Achim intentionally made their version more vibrant and upbeat to counteract the somber mourning of past renditions, and the Mumford and Sons-esque result is quite fun to listen to. If the duo can just make less obvious song choices in the future, their debut album could easily be one to look forward to.

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