Thursday, April 27, 2017

Sefira Update: Ari Goldwag, Micha Gamerman, Kippalive

As the days of Sefira continue, here are some of the more high-profile Jewish acapella clips this week.

First up, Israeli vocal troupe Kippalive has released their video "Best Day BeYachad", a mashup of "Best Day Of My Life" by American Authors and "Shir La'Ahava (Yachad)" by Ayelet Tzioni and Gili Liber. The video is intended as a tribute to the group's home country, with an opening quote of Theodor Herzl, sweeping location shots of the land, and even a release in the week between Yom HaShoah and Yom Hazikaron.  
(Warning: Questionable use of auto-tune.)

Next up is Ari Goldwag, pulling from his just-released album Acapella Soul 4 with this video for "Ve'ahavta", a cover of Hasidic singer Meilech Kohn's minor Purim hit from last year. The Lag BaOmer-themed video was produced by Goldwag and shot with Yirmiyahu Vann of Vann Visuals.
(Warning: Questionable use of "old man" makeup.)

And finally, speaking of Ari Goldwag, he and rising Brazilian artist Micha Gamerman collaborated on an acapella version of the latter's hit single "Rak Simcha".
(Warning: Questionable use of creepy smiley face mask that only a horror movie villain would wear.)

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