Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hanan Ben Ari releases new single and video "Wikipedia"

Israeli soul/hip hop star Hanan Ben Ari has released a video for his new single "Wikipedia". The song is co-written by him and Keren Peles, while Eyal Mazig handled production.

On "Wikipedia", Ben Ari presents a more somber version of the social commentary on previous single "Tutim", using the titular website and other social media as a metaphor for how Israelis often reduce each other to broad stereotypes ("Every leftist is a traitor, every Arab is a suicide bomber / Every Haredi is a robber and all the settlers murdered Rabin"), leading to the chorus' plea "Don't put me in a cage / Don't summarize me on Wikipedia". He even makes the theme personal by once again advising listeners not to make assumptions about him just because he's religious.

MBD to release new album "Tzaakah"

Veteran Hasidic vocalist Mordechai Ben David will be releasing a new album entitled Tzaakah this Sunday. 

The album, his 35th overall and his first in six years, was produced by his son Yeedle Werdyger, a successful performer in his own right, and will feature thirteen tracks arranged by the likes of Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry, Mona Rosenblum, Eli Lishinsky, and Yoeli Dickman, among others. 

You can listen to a sample of it below.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Aharon Razel ft. Mordechai Ben David, "Ana Avda"

Aharon Razel and Mordechai Ben-David recently released the duet "Ana Avda" as the third single from the former's upcoming album, which has been officially titled Ad Emtza Makom (Until I Find A Place). Composed by Razel, the track was produced and arranged by Yuval Stoppel (Avraham Fried) and features backing from the Yedidim Choir.

Besides MBD, Razel's album will also feature guest appearances from Ishay Ribo and his brother Yonatan Razel.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New single: Yonatan Razel, "Poteach Lev"

Yonatan Razel has released his new single "Poteach Lev" (Open Heart), the title track from his upcoming third album, which comes out May 25th. Razel produced and arranged the track with Alon Yufah.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Aharon Razel crowdfunding new album

Aharon Razel is currently crowdfunding the release of his upcoming new album on the Israeli platform Headstart. You can check it out and contribute here.

The album, which as of yet seems to be untitled (although the page bears the title "It's Our Niggun"), is tentatively scheduled for late spring and will feature arrangements/production from Razel regular Avi Tal, Maor Shoshan (Ishay Ribo), Gil Smetana (Ehud Banai), Yuval Stoppel (Avraham Fried), and Yoeli Dickman. Among these are already-released singles "Zeh Haesek Shelanu" and "Ad Emtza Makom Lashem".

At this writing, the campaign has reached 43% of its 120,000 ILS goal, with 15 days to go.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mendi Jerufi releases "V'Shamru" sefira single

Israeli Chabad artist Mendi Jerufi has released an acapella version of Avraham Fried's "V'Shamru" for Sefira. Vocal arrangements were handled by Menachem Munis.

Jerufi has released five albums, most recently 2015's Hayom Hu Yavo.