Sunday, July 30, 2017

Levi Cohen to release debut "Nekudah Tovah"

Newcomer Levi Cohen will soon be releasing his debut album Nekudah Tovah, which comes out this Wednesday, August 2nd. 

The album, which is said to boast "a unique combo of inspiring lyrics and energetic happy tunes", is the latest from producer Naftali Schnitzler (Beri Weber, Shimmy Engel). Featured composers include Schnitzler, Pinky Weber, Hershy Weinberger, Yitzy Waldner, and Sruly Green, while arrangements were done by the likes of Moshe Laufer, Udi Damari, Eli Lax, Ian Freitor, and newcomer Rafael Sofer.

The album will be distributed by Nigun Music and available for download on all platforms.

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