Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Eli Friedman releases new single "Markevot Paroh"

Israeli Hasidic singer Eli Friedman has released his latest single, "Markevot Paroh" (The Chariots of Pharaoh), an upbeat pop song with lyrics taken from Shirat Hayam.
Friedman composed the track, while Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry handled the arrangement.

The press blurb describes the song as a "wonderful combination of hip-hop and rap", but really its more of a light reggaeton, so don't go in expecting Friedman to drop a sick verse. That said, the song is fun and danceable with a bit of a darker edge (the minor key melody and lyrics of drowning Pharaoh's army), although with the subject matter this might have been better timed for a Pesach release.

Friedman has been in the JM world as a singer and composer for almost two decades, with five albums of his own and a sixth, co-produced by longtime collaborator Jeff Horvitch, tentatively set for the High Holiday season. He most recently had a hit last summer with "Shma Yisrael".

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