Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Meilech Kohn releases "Ein Yeder" preview

Hasidic up-and-comer Meilech Kohn has just released a sampler for his upcoming debut album Yeder Einer, which comes out this Thursday. The album is a production of Gershy Schwarcz.

The sampler gives the impression of a very strange album. While some tracks seem to follow the standard Hasidic template of orchestral ballads and rave techno, others are harder to classify, with unexpected bursts of dissonant rock and even a straight-up Louis Armstrong impression at points, not to mention Kohn's already-odd singing voice. If nothing else, the record sounds weird enough to at least be interesting, which is no small feat in the current JM climate.

The album will be available through Nigun Music, Mostly Music, and all digital download sites. Kohn will also be holding an album release concert at West Nyack Levity Comedy Club the night before the store date, with support from Yeedle Werdyger and the Freilach Band.


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