Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ohad surprises with new single "Nismach Im Hachatan"

Ohad Moskowitz is back with a new single, "Nismach Im Hachatan". Presented by David Fadida, the track was written and composed by Yitzy Berry, who also produced, arranged, and mixed it with his longtime partner Eli Klein.The single is from Ohad's upcoming sixth album, his first since 2015's Segula, which is set for release sometime before the Yomim Noraim.

So this was a pleasant surprise for me, because I am not by any means an Ohad fan. Part of this comes from two years of a high-school carpool whose limited yet incessant rotation included HASC DVDs and Ohad III, but I've also found his singing too loud and exaggerated and more than a little obnoxious, and the music has never been distinctive enough to back it up. Here, however, he, Berry, and Klein manage to turn out a fun and creative version of "Asher Bara" that borrows heavily from '50s doo-wop, complete with a catchy "la la la" chorus and saxophone solo, in a style very reminiscent of his previous hit "Stop", which drew from '70s funk and soul. Clearly, Ohad needs to be doing more retro songs.

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