Sunday, August 6, 2017

Shulem Lemmer previews debut album "Shulem"

Hasidic cantor and recording artist Shulem Lemmer has released an official preview for his upcoming debut album, Shulem. Produced by Yochi Briskman, the album is set to feature compositions by Yossi Green and Pinky Weber and arrangements by Moshe Laufer and Yanky Briskman. No official release date has been announced.

Lemmer, brother of acclaimed cantor Yaakov "Yanky" Lemmer, has been performing since his days as a child soloist and was formerly a lead soloist with the Shira Choir. During that time, he gained viral success with covers of Max Janowski's "Avinu Malkeinu" and Moishe Oysher's "Chad Gadya".

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