Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Nachum Segal, Mordechai Shapiro to broadcast live from Houston

Veteran Jewish radio DJ Nachum Segal, accompanied by frum-pop star Mordechai Shapiro and YouTuber Meir Kay, will be broadcasting from sites around the storm-devastated city of Houston.

Per the JTA, the broadcast, scheduled for Wednesday, will include firsthand reports on the devastation caused by the recent Hurricane Harvey, as well as recovery efforts by the area's Jewish residents. Segal said in an official statement:
"Our brothers and sisters in Houston have gone through a terrible ordeal with so much of the community they built sitting in ruins.The goal of our trip is to highlight the community, what they’ve gone through and what lays ahead of them, sharing their stories and showing them the support from their brethren around the world...Our hope is that by being there and dedicating our shows to their stories, that listeners from all across the world will get involved with the recovery efforts."
 Segal also noted that the Orthodox Union has partnered with the show to enable listeners to donate to relief efforts for Houston's Jewish community.

A thirty-plus-year veteran of radio, Segal is currently president of the Nachum Segal Network and host of its flagship show "JM in the AM", which showcases a wide variety of Jewish music. This is far from his first disaster relief project for the city; he held a similar broadcast after Houston's Memorial Day flood in 2015.

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