About Yidwise

Yidwise looks at ALL Jewish music - from the comfortably familiar to the boldly innovative - with a friendly but critical eye. Rock, hip-hop, klezmer, Hasidic, Israeli, a cappella - everything is fair game.

About Me 

My name is Sam Miller and I'm a frum, kinda-BT-but-not-really (long story) college student living in LA, and an aspiring writer and musician on the side. I've experienced a wide, wide variety of Jewish music and culture in my relatively few years, and I'm always open to an intellectual challenge. Bring me your round pegs in square holes! Feel free to email any questions, suggestions, ideas, and other thoughts on this blog to yidwisesam@gmail.com.

For a look at the more alternative/indie side of Jewish music, check out my other blog Jewish Music Underground.

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